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15/08/2014 - Making of "Corset Boots"
Still haven't seen the pictures from the photo session "The 1860's - Neo-Victorian Intimate Stories" we were in last March? You can check them in the DevianArt page of the photographer, Hidrico or the webpage of Lily von Schatten.

And if you would like to know how we created these Corset Boots model Sonja Mist wore, you are lucky, because we filmed all the process and here is the making-of video:

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17/03/2014 - Shooting of Corset Boots
Shooting Corset BootsLast weekend we were in L'Arboç in the shooting of our first project in collaboration with the designer Lily von Schatten.

Corset boots are a pair of leather and fabric boots made following the corset construction method.

Their design follows the general lines of Lily von Schatten's models, rendering on the legs the corset and neck designs created by the designer and worn by the model, Sonja Mist.

We leave you with a picture of the making off, while we wait to be able to share with you the wonderful pictures taken by the photographer Hidrico.

The make up artist was Andrea Moreno Make Up.

All the stylism was directed by Lily von Shatten.