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06/02/2014 - Visiting the International Shoe Museum
Romans - Musee International de la ChaussureThis weekend we took a trip we had been looking forward for a long time:  Romans, France.

This small town by the Isère river hosts one of the most important shoe museums in the world, the Musée International de la Chaussure or International Shoe Museum.

There's little to be found online about this museum, and we were afraid of making the trip for nothing and just seeing a couple shoes and a few sewing machines. Luckily for us, the trip was well worth the time!

Room after room full of explanations about shoes ranging from Ancient Egypt until modern times. Even though the collection draws heavily from French design and history, there are also very interesting pieces from China, Mongolia, Armenia...

If you are travelling by car to Geneva or are just close to Valence, in France, and you happen to like shoes, this is a visit you can't miss!