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21/05/2012 - "Pretty and healthy", sandals hiding orthopedic insoles
Pretty and Healthy, sandàlies per dur amb plantilles ortopèdiquesA few weeks ago we got a special request: the mother of a 12 year old girl, prescribed with orthopedic insoles asked us to make a pair of summer sandals.

A true challenge. Sandals are an open shoe, and it is almost impossible to buy one that can hide an insole while preventing it from escaping through the tip or the heel. After thinking for a while and making all the required measurements, not only of the feet but also of the insoles that should be hid, we designed this model.

The final result is a shoe, an open and ventilated sandal, keeping fresh feet all summer long, but with a fancy tip and heel to keep the insoles from escaping. The insoles are also invisible from the sides, since they have a reinforced leather side around the soles.

Even if making orthopedic shoes is not our goal, we are very happy with the result of the "Pretty & Healthy"... a name we think is true to form.

Are you also forced to wear orthopedic insoles and summer feels like hell? Contact us and we'll think what we can do!