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01/05/2012 - Cherry Blossom Espardiles
Espardenyes Cherry BlossomWe have available in our online store these wonderful espardiles, for a lucky person with a 40 (European) feet.

We have nicknamed them Cherry Blossom because the fabric motive reminds us of the freshness of fields filled with cherry trees starting to bloom, and the leather strips are cherry red.

The fabric of these espardiles is 100% coton with a satin finish, giving a bright outlook to this Japanese  pattern.

The strips holding the cloth to the toecap and the ankle are leather, with a width of 1cm.

The espardile ties around the ankle with a cloth strip with the same pattern as the toecap. The length of this strip is 48 cm.

The heel, of type topolino is 7cm high. It is covered by vegetable fibers and the sole is made with crepeline, perfecly anti-slip. The insole is made with authentic cow leather, dyed in brown.

You can see more pictures of these espardiles in our Etsy shop and our picture album.

If you have any question about our Cherry Blossom espardiles, or you'd like to have your own pair in a different size, don't hesitate and contact us.

You can buy these espardiles on our Etsy shop!